Look, the jelfin is a ball-shaped mouse that's covered with gel!


Would you buy a gel-covered mouse? Well now you have the chance~! It’s the jelfin, a ball-shaped, gel-covered mouse that comes in enough colors to match your socks.

How do the two main, well, innovations, affect your mousing? Supposedly the shape is more comfortable then your average mouse (but then you wonder why someone like Microsoft or Logitech hasn’t made one yet). So if you’ve had issues with mice since forever, there’s hope for you yet.

As for the gel, that’s pretty easy to understand: who would want a squishy mouse? Maybe snipers in Team Fortress 2 wouldn’t want that, feeling that it may cramp their style, but who knows?

The 1,000 DPI jelfin isn’t too expensive, either, coming in at $35.

via SlashGear