Million-dollar babymaker


Australian jeweler Colin Burn is making 10 limited-edition vibrators out of platinum and “encrusting” each in 1,500 diamonds. They will cost $1 million each. Your own bread and circuses should be along shortly.

Burn announced his bejeweled wiener at the Asia Adult Expo in Macau. He has already created a $38K dildo with 400 diamonds. He finds it hard to convince jewelry shops to take his wares, probably because they’re dildos.

Forbes also describes a man who paints pictures with his wangus and a fashion show, described thusly:

Elevated on a catwalk, waiflike models with protruding ribs stripped down to their underwear to the tune of trance music. They were followed by Australian Chippendale-style dancers in G-strings, one of whom vigorously wiggled his behind — and more — in the face of a hapless audience member.

And they say magazines are dead.