Valve puts the future of TF2 in the players hands with Soldier-Demo feud

Sorry to break the gadget flow here with this bit of rather specific gaming news, guys, but this is awesome. Over the next week, all Team Fortress 2 servers will (they say) be monitored and a tally kept of how many demomen kill soldiers and vice versa. At the end of the week (during which time their new unlockable gear will be revealed), the class with the higher score gets a special item. The other class will not get it and will likely complain about it for the remainder of the game’s lifetime.

I just thought this was a pretty fun group achievement idea; reminds me a bit of the Noby Noby Boy reaching the other planets thing. But more awesome. Valve has proven once again that it knows how to engage its community. I’m gonna go start tearing some fools apart right now.

Oh, one more thing: