Bag Week: Kata CS-17 camera satchel

kata-cs-17-leadName one messenger bag that effectively combines a notebook bag and a camera case? Obviously the bag pictured above. The Kata CS-17.


  • The Kata CS-17
  • Holds up to a 17-inch notebook
  • Padded, removable pouch can hold a DSLR & 2 lens
  • Constucted out of nylon
  • Weather cover
  • $140 MSRP


  • Dual purpose notebook/camera case
  • Top zipper allows quick, discrete access
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Not the best looking bag
  • Big Bird designed the inside

cs-17-topIf you’ve ever tried to fit your DSLR into a normal messenger bag, you totally understand the draw to this bag. Other bags just aren’t designed to hold a large camera and a notebook at the same time. I’ve always ended up pushing the notebook as far to one side of the bag as possible so the camera’s lens will fit down the side of the bag next to the computer. It definitely doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

But with this bag your camera can be safely stored in its own padded pouch with room for two accessories like flashes or lenses. The computer is housed in its own padded spot too. Accessing the contents can be done by unzipping the large, front flap or through a somewhat hidden top zipper.  If the bag wasn’t so damn ugly, it would be perfect for a blogger running around CES.

cs-17-fullI’m not loving the bag’s look. It reminds me of something from the trendy and teal 90’s. I’m even turned off by Kata’s logo. And the inside is way too yellow. Throw a Transformer’s logo on it and it would be Bumblebee.

But that’s Kata. All the company’s bags have a yellow interior and I better get used to it; I have two more bags from Kata to review this week.


The concept behind this bag is solid. It effectively holds both a notebook and a DSLR at the same time. But I’m not into the look. Say what you will, but I totally feel that’s important especially when a bag costs $140. Hey, maybe you’re still into pleated khakis and light blue polo shirts. If that’s you, and you have to tout both a big camera and a notebook, buy this bag.