Clink-Clink lets you clink your "drink"

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at [ December 14 ] 3.41.30 PM

Even if you’re staying away from the sauce this holiday season, it’d still be nice to be able to clink your glass with everyone else when the toasts go down. Sure, you could just have glass of water – but why do something practical and not absurd when there’s an iPhone app?

Throwin’ down some good ol’ brand building, Waterford Crystal has just launched a free application that lets you “clink” your virtual iPhone glass with others kinda-sorta as you would with a real glass. Useful? Not really – but to make things a bit more practical, they’ve cloned the features of Bump; by picking the “Make a friend” option before you touch glass tips, you’ll swap contact info once you’ve clinked. Alas, I don’t expect that this app will be stealing much of Bump’s marketshare anytime soon.

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