CrunchDeals: $78 Blu-ray player

0005381857103_500X500Been holding out of buying a blu-ray because you were waiting for them to get cheap? Wait no longer, penny pincher! Wal-mart is selling off a bare bones unit for $78 plus shipping.

Don’t expect much for $78 though. You’re not going to be getting BD-Live, Netflix, or pretty much any other extra goodies. There’s not even a LCD display on the front (I don’t have a real issue with that)! But hey, it’s $78. No promises about if the unit is any good, but it’ll probably work for watching Lost or something.

Here’s the details – it’s from Walmart, and it’s a Magnavox MB500MG1F. It’s not the coolest blu-ray player on the planet, but it’s certainly the cheapest right now.

[via The Cheapskate]