JVC has two more sound bars from you to pick from: TH-BA3 and TH-BS7


Didn’t Nickelodeon used to give away JVC boomboxes and whatnot on its game shows back in the day? (I’m primarily talking to twenty-somethings here, yes.) Imagine you were a contestant on Double Dare, and you manage to find the flag inside the big nose filled with goo, and you win this, the TH-BA3. It’s a sound bar, which are a heck of a lot easier to incorporate into a small space than a complete surround sound system.

The TH-BA3 ($550) is the world’s first dual wireless sound bar. That means both the speakers and the subwoofer are totally wireless—handy if you or yours hate to see wires strewn about. It’s a 5.1 sound system, one that works with Dolby Digital, DTS, and Pro Logic II.

There’s more! JVC has one more sound bar, the TH-BS7 ($600). Whereas the TH-BA3’s big deal is that it’s dual wireless, the TH-BS7 is quite tiny at 1.4 inches. This one is only 4.1-channels, but works with all the aforementioned codes.


Both are available now.

Anyone else remember What Would You Do and Wild & Crazy Kids?