New X-Slim X600 Pro from MSI looks slick

While I wouldn’t say, as MSI does, that this laptop is “Shattering the Boundaries of Ultra-thin Technology,” it does look like a hot little item. It’s got a 15.6″ screen but is only an inch thick, which is a pretty good ratio. Its shiny black finish (scratch-proof but somehow I don’t think fingerprint-proof) will attract eyes wherever you go, and the 6-cell battery means it won’t crap out on you while they’re watching.

The X600 Pro runs on Intel’s CULV platform and has a discrete Radeon 4330 512MB video card. It runs an unspecified Core2 Duo, which is an improvement over the Solo in the X600, and can handle up to 4GB of RAM. The Blu-ray player is nice, but mainly you’ll want to use that HDMI out, since HD isn’t so hot at 15 inches. They’ve added WiMax to the mix, and I’d take that option no matter what, just to be sure you’re future-proof.

We reviewed the X600 Pro’s predecessor, and found it capable but compromised by its trackpad. Hopefully they’ve changed that this time around.