CrunchGear visits Thanko's new USB flagship store in Akihabara (photo report)


USB-powered neckties, slippers, boob warmers, spy button cameras and tons of other ludicrous stuffThanko [JP], Japan’s (and possibly the world’s) most notorious maker of USB gadgets (most of which nobody really needs) never disappoints in the silliness department. The company closed their English online store just last month but continues to impress business-wise by opening a new flagship store right in the heart of Akihabara.


Thanko opened the new store on the Chuuo Doori, the busiest street in Akihabara, and probably has to pay a lot rent for this prime location. I really wonder how they can afford it but OK.


When I visited their other store in Akihabara back in April, I was kind of disappointed by its size and messy look and feel. In total, Thanko operates three brick-and-mortar stores, all of which are located in Akihabara. The new store is bigger than the others and it’s a tad prettier, too (probably because it’s new).


I don’t hesitate to recommend to anyone with a penchant for silly gadgets to check the Thanko stores out when coming to Akihabara. The prices are lower than in their Japanese online store by the way. Here’s a map (in Japanese).

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