Giveaway: Olive No 4 Hi-Fi Digital Stereo


You like music, right? How about CDs? Do you still have CDs? Don’t have any cash this week? Did you spend a lot of money on presents for the kids already? Do you want one of these Olive No 4 Hi-Fi? Am I asking too many questions? Yes? No?

Well today we have one of the coolest prizes to come over the transom in a while. It’s the Olive No 4 Hi-Fi. How do you win? You need to convince us your current music system sucks in comments. We’ll pick the saddest of the sad sacks. Extra points if you include a link to an image of your sad, sad stereo.

Here are some specs:

–Storage capacity of up to 1,500 CDs in hi-fi digital instantly gets rid of CD clutter and ensures crystal clear sound quality

–Full-color touchscreen display makes it easy for users to find the music they want

–Multi-room music streaming and the ability to import music from a computer (wired or wireless) allow easy access to all your digital music sources in every room of your home

–Seamless integration with existing hi-fi systems and a high resolution DAC deliver the best possible hi-fi audio experience (unlike any MP3 player)

–Fine-grade aluminum and distinctive graphics provide an elegant design

Roll out the comments and we’ll pick a winner on Friday.

UPDATE – Congrats to Fares for winning the Olive.