Still don't have Sirius XM? Buy a radio today and save $110.


So Sirius XM is having itself a little bit of a sale today that might interest you. One of the deals will save you some $110. Granted, Sirius XM’s incompetent management can’t put together a simple Homeless Shopping Spree, but boy howdy can they put together a sale.

The big deal today, and it’s for today only, is the XpressRCI with Vehicle Kit. It’s your standard in-car XM receiver, but one that normally goes for $170. Today? Try $60! That’s a pretty good deal, no?

In other exciting Sirius XM news, I actually received a Sirius XM press release last night! I think that’s the second one in three years (the other one was to announce the release of the Sirius XM iPhone App). The beauty is that the subject of the press release (The Situation from MTV’s Jersey Shore appearing on Opie and Anthony yesterday) has nothing to do with CrunchGear’s modus operandi: tech, gadgets, games, or anything even remotely related to that.

The star of a reality show appearing O&A is neat and all, but not necessarily relevant to us here. Perhaps the idea is to show that Sirius XM is the place to be, where you can hear today’s biggest stars on the radio. They might also want to mention that Sirius XM is the place to hear probably one of the better singers I’ve ever heard, only he’s homeless. Untalented hacks like Lady GaGa and cookie-cutter Auto-Tuned rappers make money hand over fist, and yet this guy doesn’t so much as have a MySpace Music “unsigned band” dive bar gig?