The Beat Thang Music Production System.


Remember when using z’s on the end of plural words instead of s’s was edgy and revolutionary? Well, apparently no one told Beat Kangz Electronics that that time has passed. Misguided syntax choices aside, Beat Kangz has just announced the release of their new Beat Thang music production system. Not only does it look like a piece of Covenant technology, it comes in either software form or with its own dedicated hardware.

The software itself is pretty powerful. Plenty of stock audio to mash-up as well as the ability to record samples from nearly any source. Mic in, line in, generally if it can come into your computer, it can come into Beat Thang. You also have a 16-track MIDI sequencer and a smattering of digital effects to pick from. You can export all of your beats as .wav files for playback on any other platform. It also plays well on both Mac and PC platforms.

The hardware though, is where the real magic is. The battery gives you 6 hours of music-making time without a laptop, letting you sequence beats wherever you feel the need. Your bathroom, the plane, the campus library perhaps. You have all of the same capabilities of the software, as well the ability to import any beats you make and continue to edit them. Two back panel has an XLR mic in, 2 1/4″ outputs, 2 headphone outputs, MIDI ins and outs, USB, and 2 SDcard slots, making this a pretty versatile stand-alone sampler.

You can find the software out in the world now at $149, and the hardware coming early 2010 for $999.