Bag Week: Kata Digital Bag DB-453

kata-db-453All you really need to know is that the small Kata DB-453 camera bag will hold your DSLR and ultra-portable notebook. (Do me a favor and click the Read More link anyway, m’kay?)


  • Padded camera bag insert
  • Structural ribs that provide extra support
  • Side neoprene pockets
  • $50 MSRP


  • Perfect size to hold a DSLR & 11-inch notebook
  • Very secure top flap


  • Expensive for the amount of storage

kata-db-453-4What I thought was just a lowly little camera bag turned out to be an awesome multi-purpose bag. I’ve searched all over for a small camera bag that can hold my DSLR, flash, lens and an 11-inch ultra-portable notebook. I didn’t want a backpack, messenger bag, or any sort of nonsense. But I found that most camera bag’s internal storage structure didn’t allow for notebook storage. And, well, small computer bags can’t hold camera gear right.

The camera is stored in a removable sleeve instead of in-between movable Velcro dividers. This makes just enough room behind the sleeve for a small notebook — or the sleeve can be pulled altogether to make room for larger gear. Really, it’s just like a camera case version of the messenger-style CS-17 I looked at previously. Where that bag was primarily a notebook case, the DB-453’s main job is to hold a camera but can also carry a small notebook.

The bag’s main flap is held-down by two large buckles, while the main compartment is secured via a zipper. Needless to say the combination should keep your equipment safe enough.

The bag offers a modest amount of storage, too. There is a zippered front compartment with a few pockets and pen holders. Plus, there are two side pockets made out of neoprene that can stretch to fit a water bottle. Not bad for a little bag.

Sure, the bag is $50, which is somewhat steep for a smaller bag. But because it holds my DSLR and 11-inch notebook in such perfect harmony, it has my vote.

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