The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver sends your iPhone's music to speakers and such


Looking at this Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, I’m over here thinking, “Man, 99 percent of the stuff we write about is useless unless you’re in the market for that type of item.” That’s not a knock against the Bluetooth thing here, but if you’re not looking for one right now? Not all that exciting, no.

Moving on, what does this do? It sends music from your iPhone or iPod touch to a tiny receiver that plugs into speakers. Pretty simple concept, really, and one that I would imagine is pretty hard to screw up.

She works up to 33 feet away from the receiver—yes, it’s Bluetooth—and the receiver comes with 3.5mm and RCA adapters.

It is available now (CHRISTMAS~!) in the U.S. for $50, which is pretty reasonable. People lucky enough (and I do mean that) to live in Canada or Europe or Asia or Australia will have to wait till March. Frowny face.