Australian firm developing Doom-like 3D surveillance system

I imagine there will be less shooting in the surveillance system.

Pretty fascinating story coming out of Australia this fine day. (Well yesterday. Or time zones. I don’t know.) A research outfit there has won a AUS$1.01 million grant from the government to develop a 3D surveillance system that has been described as “Doom-like.” Someone call Anthony Cumia, he could use something like that.

The system is designed to protect ports from all sorts of chicanery. You load up the port with 40 to 60 16-megapixel cameras, which then send the 3D data to computers that are manned by, you, trained professionals.

Rather than send a bunch of armed agents into the nooks and crannies of a port, you have a technician in front of a computer monitor who spends all day scrolling around a 3D representation of the port. It’s cheaper and more effective. Win~!

via Slashdot