"Butterfly Touch" from Packard bell sounds weak but looks sweet

When you give your product the name “Butterfly Touch,” you’d better get ready for some teasing. I mean, I understand that it’s supposed to evoke the touch capabilities as well as the swiveling, tilting screen, but what you’ve ended up with sounds like someone petting a bug. Good thing the product itself looks pretty cool.


It’s basically a high-end netbook (from the EasyNote line) that converts into a tablet, and I have no problem with that. It looks solid: nice design, textured body, multitouch trackpad. I4U seems to think the display is multitouch, too — but there’s a stylus there and I don’t think 11.6″ multitouch displays are cheap enough to put in netbooks. We’ll see.

The EasyNote Butterfly Touch will probably be Euro-only first, and should cost about €600