ContourHD giveaway has a winner! – or does it? (yes, it does)

Hey, all! Thanks for entering the contest, but as they say: many will enter, few will win. In this case only one: James, who “Did my first backflip snowboarding off a 20 foot cliff, luckily it was all powder I landed in, because i landed pretty much on my head, and my friends had to dig me out of the three feet of powder. It was great.” Watch your email, James.

My random number generator actually put me on a non-extreme one so I rolled up and my mouse landed on this lucky guy. Thing is, he’s not responding to my emails. Consider this public warning, James! Get back to me or tomorrow I’ll have to pick another winner! I’d like this thing to be in someone’s hands by Christmas. Thanks for getting back to me, James! Congrats!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our other giveaways, there’s lots more stuff to be won this holiday season!