Dell lays off 700, website now full of price mistakes

mouse 2_jpg

Put two and two together people, and get WTF. Dell is laying off 700 of its 4,500 employees by June 2010 and now, for some odd reason, the Dell website is featuring laser mice for $4,000 and a Xeon E3110 machine for $16.99.

Dailytech noticed the confluence of oddity when Slickdeals started posting machines like a 3.2GHz monster for $10.99.

The hilarious thing is that most of these errors are still present, which means you can pay as low as $120 a month for one of the chintziest mice I’ve seen in years.

Either someone is blowing a big raspberry on the way out the door or Dell is in dire straits. Either way, this doesn’t bode well.