Florida gets its own Tesla dealership


I can see it now. Instead of putzing around in electric golf carts, retirees will soon be cruising in Tesla Roadsters. The car is essentially a gigantic and dramatically more powerful golf cart anyway. It’s not like they need to worry about the 244 mile range. The bingo hall and golf course is probably right around the corner from their retirement compound anyway.

The South Florida Dania Beach dealership opens today and will be offering test drives through the weekend. And anytime someone walks in with $100k in available credit.

This will make Tesla’s tenth dealership in the States and the only one in the South. It’s also the home of the region’s only Tesla mobile service team that actually goes to the Tesla owner’s home or business for maintenance calls.

Plus, should seniors need a place to shelter funds, they should be reminded that some cars have proven to be a more secure investment than Wall Street. Trust me, you would rather inherit a Tesla Roadster than mutual funds anyway.