Nuance Launches Voice-powered Dragon Search App For iPhone


Hot on the heels of the launch of their Dragon Dictation app (and a short-lived and mostly overblown privacy scandal), Nuance has just launched a second iPhone application: Dragon Search.

Heralded by Nuance as the “fast, accurate, and smart way to search online content on your iPhone”, Dragon Search allows iPhone users to search across Google, Yahoo!, Bing, iTunes, Twitter, Wiki, or YouTube by speaking their search terms.

Dragon Search is powered by the Dragon NaturallySpeaking engine, just as with Nuance’s other offering. If you’re having good luck with Dragon Dictation, you should see similar results here.

The design of the application is rather clever; while you’re only shown one search engine’s results at a time, you can flip between them on a whim via the carousel at the top. You can search for Dr. Dre’s Wikipedia page, then flip over a few boxes on the carousel to check out Dre’s music videos videos on YouTube.

Like the Dragon Dictation app, Nuance is saying that the app is available for free for “a limited time”. We’re not sure when they’re planning to bump it up to for-pay, nor the price they’ll charge – but in the meanwhile, you can nab it here for the always-welcome price of free: App Store link.