Plurk Still Considers Suing Microsoft Over Copy-Paste Debacle In China

Microblogging startup Plurk took note of Microsoft’s apology, in which the software company took responsibility over the blatant rip-off of the startup’s design and code for a competing service in China.

Microsoft was quick to blame a third-party vendor for cutting a few corners here and there when developing the beta service (MSN Juku), and promptly yanked it off the Web.

The company said it felt ‘disappointed’ in the vendor that worked together with its MSN China joint venture and said it would be reevaluating practices around applications code provided by third-party vendors.

But as far as Plurk’s concerned, that’s not where the story ends.

Just moments ago, Plurk published an official response to the public apology on its blog, saying it still mulls taking legal actions against the Redmond software giant. Microsoft, Plurk alleges, assumes responsibility but doesn’t offer accountability.

In the words of Plurk co-founder Alvin Woon:

We are currently looking at all possibilities on how to move forward in response to Microsoft’s recent apology statement. We are still thinking of pursuing the full extent of our legal options available due the seriousness of the situation. Basically, Microsoft accepts responsibility, but they dont offer accountability.

This event wasn’t just a simple matter of merely lifting code; Due to the nature of the uniqueness of our product and user interace, it took a good amount of deliberate studying and digging through our codes with the full intention of replicating our product user experience, functionalities and end results. This product is later launched and heavily promoted by Microsoft with its multi-millions marketing budget.

Meanwhile, Plurk keeps getting heaps of promotion because of this whole ordeal.

Irony much?