Someone call the RIAA: Amazon accidentally sends out Lil Wayne album despite the fact that it's been delayed till February


Oops! As I’m sure you all know, famous rapper Lil Wayne has a new album in the works. It was supposed to come out next week, but was pushed back for whatever reason. No big deal, albums get pushed back all the time. (See: Detox. We’ll have flying cars by the time that comes out.) Anyhow, apparently Amazon didn’t get the memo since it sent out copies of the album to about 500 people who pre-ordered it. And as if you had to ask: yes, the album has already been pirated. I guarantee you can find it on Canal Street (to say nothing of “the Internet”) by the end of the day today.

The album, Rebirth, has been pushed back to February 1, primarily to give its first single, “On Fire,” some more time to get heat.

Amazon hasn’t said anything about the accidental release yet.

If you were to ask me, and you’re not, I’d tell Lil Wayne’s record label, Universal, to just release the album now. It’s all over the Internet, so anyone who wants to download it can—why wait till February to buy it? And once it hits the Internet, it’ll hit the streets (Canal Street, and your local city’s equivalent) by the end of the work day today. Best use this little snafu to your advantage.

Besides, it’s not like you need to market or advertise Lil Wayne. The guy is huge. I can’t speak to the latest album, but the comments I’ve seen aren’t exactly glowing…