The LaCie 2Big USB 3.0 RAID drive is stupid fast, coming soon


If you have any doubt that USB 3.0 is a big step forward in data transfer, check out the new LaCie 2Big RAID drive. This puppy can see throughput speeds of 275 MB/s. Let me say it for you, daaaamn. Now all you need is a USB 3.0 motherboard or PCI-E card. Good thing both are now available.

The 2Big uses Symwave’s USB 3.0 standard-compliant dual SATA and RAID bridge controller and a dual-disk RAID o/1 setup to hit those numbers. But LaCie says with this type of throughput, users can stream and edit multiple HD files simultaneously.

Specific pricing and availability on the 2Big hasn’t been announced just yet, but this is just the first USB 3.0 product from LaCie anyway. The company has a whole line prepared that takes full advantage of the new spec and we can’t wait. No need to jump on the first boat out of town.