CrunchDeals: Torchlight, $10 on Steam

Since Diablo III isn’t going to be hitting until at least the end of 2010 (why did they even announce it?), it’s probably a good idea to get a little something now so you don’t die of a hack ‘n slash deficiency. Your best bet? Torchlight. I’ve already beaten it once and am about to take another trip through as a different class — I’d recommend it at its original price, but it’s half off this weekend, putting it at ten bucks. That’s a bargain, people.

It’s a randomly-generated, monster-smashing lootfest and I enjoyed every second of it. I’m partial to this kind of thing (I even enjoyed the comparatively interminable Titan Quest) but Torchlight is great fun that, as a bonus, can be played on pretty much any computer due to basic (but still cool-looking) graphics. It’s straightforward enough that non-hardcore gamers who need presents will enjoy it, too.

Get you a dungeon romp!