DECAF, the anti-Microsoft COFEE, pulled. It was a stunt designed to rally y'all.

Ladies and gentlemen: we were worked. The other I mentioned DECAF, which was promoted as the anti Microsoft-COFEE. While I still don’t understand people’s fascination with the forensics tool, DECAF promised to protect users against whatever the hell COFEE does. Only it doesn’t: DECAF is a scam. Well, “scam” is a harsh word, more like “and let this be a lesson to you.” I believe those are called “teachable moments” in politics circles these days. (See: that beer summit from a few months back.)

Anyhow, here’s what’s up: the people behind DECAF created the software in order to raise awareness vis-a-vis security. The idea was to get DECAF out there, stir up some media hype (hi!), then WAM! you with the real deal.

Basically, the DECAF guys want you to help. They want want you to help bring awareness to the vast field of security and forensics.

DECAF was put together by two people, and yet the idea (an “anti-COFEE”) ricocheted around the Internet. If you can tap into the people who believed in DECAF and tun their energies into something constructive and positive, then all of this would have been worth it.

via Seattle P-I’s Mircosoft Blog