Nook shipments pushed back again? Nearly impossible to cancel orders?

nookfatherWe just got a troubling tip from a concerned Nook buyer. I say buyer because he still hasn’t received his Nook. He ordered the Barnes & Noble ebook reader on November 12 and the device was originally supposed to ship on November 30th. But you may recall that date was pushed back to December 11th

Frustrated by the delay, he successfully completed the cancellation process on only to get an email several hours later that stated his order cannot be canceled because it “has entered the shipping process” even though according to B&N’s own website, the Nook will not ship for another three days. Now that’s some bull.

The Nook is hot and rightfully so with the dual-screen setup and Android hackability, but this is not the way to treat early adopters. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and you want these people on your side. Hopefully there is a plan to compensate the folks whose orders have been constantly pushed back. Even a free e-book credit might be enough for some to forget the frustration.

B&N clearly has a problem here. The last few Nook stories that have popped up have all been about delayed shipments and limited availability. The retail market will not even get the device until early next year. But we haven’t heard anything about the Kindle not shipping on time despite the device being the most popular item sold on Just saying.