Now that is a special edition

Wow. I thought Modern Warfare 2’s night vision goggles made for a pretty special edition, but this edition of Enemy Zero, a mediocre Sega Saturn game, is the specialest of them all. The crate it comes in? Not a novelty crate! It’s the smallest container they could find that would hold all the wonderful things they wanted to give you.


So what exactly is in this cornucopia of survival horror ephemera? Well, in addition to the “normal” special edition of the game, you get shirts, a promotional costume they used at shows, a replica of the gun from the game, a VHS tape of the game’s music (?!), and about 500 other things.

It was put up on Yahoo! Auctions in Japan, and sold for… are you ready for this? It was sold for 300,000¥, or around $3300. Mother of god! Even a mint copy of Radiant Silvergun will only go for a few hundred!