The Notion Ink Smartpad better be real


Man alive. Look at this thing. It’s like an iPod Touch with hormonal issues. This is the Notion Ink Smartpad, a 10-inch tablet running an NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset with 1080p video playback and Pixel QI display for outside viewing.

Here’s what they said about the device:

So, we are coming up with a tablet based on nVidia’s Tegra T20. Its really fast, and they have done quite a beautiful work with Android. Right now for CES we are not doing any User Interface changes or adding applications (we have already developed some office, flash based, and some cool graphic applications as well, think physics based here!). Though we would be able to show them off the shelf. Since android added gesture support, we have used it to the full extent and getting beautiful results.

Right now some more engineering tweaks need to done, but still we are able to hit 48 hours of standby time, 8 hours of HD video and 16 hours of Wifi surfing. You will find many products in CES on the same lines, but we have a lot of differentiation because of the changes in the software and hardware. It is also supporting 1080p videos (in fact, we ran 3 with only small loss in frames).

Exciting stuff, especially about the battery life. Because it runs Android you can basically expect a few basic apps until folks figure out how to program for a bigger screen.

We’ll be seeing it at CES so until then drool, drool, drool.

via SlashGear