Review: Chrome Buran weather-proof laptop messenger bag

buranner Short Version: A rugged, reliable, and attractive bag — but its layout may not be suited to those who like to pack in lots of stuff.


  • Truck tarp waterproof lining
  • Laptop section fits up to 15″ laptop
  • Velcro and snap fasteners
  • Built-in strap pad
  • MSRP: $140


  • Very water-resistant
  • Separately sealed compartment for laptop means extra protection
  • Feels very well-constructed


  • Not as much space as other bags this size
  • Anything large in cargo compartment messes with bag shape

Full Review:

Here’s a video tour and brief review so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

I’ve been through quite a few messenger bags, but it never really occurred to me that I should get a weather-proof one. I can see now that there is a significant difference, and while I don’t intend to use whatever bag I have as an umbrella, or leave it in the rain, or wear it while surfing, it does add a feeling of security.

Because, as you may know, there are things that happen to bags other than rain. Coffee and Beer are probably the most common things to hit a bag that I bring with me everywhere, and who here hasn’t accidentally set their stuff down in puddle or something? It’s nice to know that you can throw pretty much anything at the Buran and it’ll shrug it off.

As for the bag itself, it’s a good one, but it wouldn’t be my main bag. Mainly because of the placement of the cargo compartment: between the laptop portion and your back. That means if you pick up a couple apples at the store, or have a large book or pair of headphones in there, they’re going to be squished up against your hip when you walk. If you’re willing to risk that, or if you’re used to it from previous bags, then it’s no problem. But I personally prefer the cargo part to be on the far side of the laptop compartment.

For carrying anything less bulky, though, the smaller pockets are just fine. Power brick, headphones, a notebook, an energy bar — plenty of space for those.

It’s a good bag, just not suited for people who carry a whole lot of stuff, or for people who are picky about where pockets are (like me). But the weather-proofing does take a lot off your mind if you live in as wet a city as I do.

Product Page

Matt here again. Just like with the Soyuz bag, I’ve been using the Buran as well. This one is more my style being a casual messenger bag. There isn’t anything fancy here. It’s just a good utilitarian notebook messenger bag. The construction and materials are top-notch. I bet this bag will out-last me.

But like Devin says, there isn’t much to it. There are three pockets on the front and two within the main compartment, with one being the padded notebook sleeve. The bag doesn’t have a dedicated pocket for your MP3 player, cell phone, sunglasses or insulin pump. The Buran doesn’t have any of that nonsense and I like it.