Bag Week Review Round-up


Wow, we just burned through 14 bags over the last seven days. We looked at dual-purpose bags, weather-proof backpacks, camera satchels, and even went hands-on with a bag worthy of Batman. Hopefully you were introduced to a few new options. There is no reason why you should still be using that laptop briefcase you uncle gave you for graduation.

The whole collection has been conveniently condensed into one giant list after the jump. Also, we’re currently exploring more potential review week topics. Drop any suggestions you might have in the comments below the Bag Week Review Round-up after the jump.

cs-17-full-2Kata CS-17 Camera Satchel

• Messenger bag
• Dual purpose camera/notebook bag
• $140 MSRP
• From the review: “It effectively holds both a notebook and a DSLR at the same time.”

boa-squeezeBooq Boa Squeeze

• Small Backpack
• Perfect size for an ultra-portable notebook
• $99 MSRP
• From the review: “This bag can be summed up in the amount of pockets it has: 27.”

crumplerCrumpler 8 Million Dollar Home

• Satchel bag
• Dual purpose camera/notebook bag
• $170 MSRP
• From the review: “The 8MDH might not be for everyone due to its large size, but it will hold a ton of camera gear as well as your laptop.”

booq-boaBooq Boa Flow XL

• Huge backpack
• Triple purpose camera / notebook / everything bag
• $199 MSRP
• From the review: “You could pack for a multi-week European vacation in the bag.”

sumoSumo Messenger Bag

• Messenger bag
• Nothing fancy, just a low-cost bag
• $79 MSRP
• From the review: “So far the Sumo Messenger Laptop Bag has taken a beating and kept on carrying, although there is plenty of bulking in evidence.”

kata-db-453Kata Digital Bag DB-453

• Camera bag
• Holds both a DSLR and a 11-inch notebook
• $50 MSRP
• From the review: “Sure, the bag is $50, which is somewhat steep for a smaller bag. But because it holds my DSLR and 11-inch notebook in such perfect harmony, it has my vote.”

28be2k2ividuChrome Bags Corsair & Vega

• Messenger and Satchel bags
• Weather-proof utility bags
• $80 MSRP
• From the review: “What I like the best about both of them is that they are lined with a rubber material which should keep the bag’s contents safe from weather.”

timbukTimbuk2 Commute 2.0

• Messenger bag
• TSA-friendly
• $120 MSRP
• From the review: “For my dollar, the Commute 2.0 is an ideal messenger bag.”

crumpler1Crumpler King Single

• Backpack
• Comfy to wear
• $155 MSRP
• From the review: “I wouldn’t have any issue recommending it to someone looking for a decent laptop backpack that will last pretty much forever.”

soyuz1Chrome Bags Soyuz

• Backpack
• Listed as weather-proof, but could pass for water-proof
• $180 MSRP
• From the review: “Weather-proof, comfortable, roomy, and understated, it’s the best backpack I’ve used for years.”

burannerChrome Bags Buran

• A true messenger bag
• Lots of storage space, but few organizational pockets
• $140 MSRP
• From the review: “The construction and materials are top-notch. I bet this bag will out-last me.”

booqmambathumbBooq Mamba Shift

• Backpack
• Batman’s computer bag
• $149 MSRP
From the review: “Made with the technophile in mind. Lots of space, lots of padding,”

kata-3n1-1Kata 3N1-33

• A backpack/sling
• Tons of camera storage
• $145 MSRP
From the review: “You could probably fit a whole Ritz Camera store in it and still have room for a sack lunch.”