Ford's SYNC might change the way we use Internet in our cars

sync_logoFord is set to announce the next version of SYNC at CES this year, but an interesting feature leaked early. Apparently SYNC 3.0 will play nicely with USB modems and turn the car into a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot. The official announced hasn’t been release just yet so keep in mind a key detail my be missing, but so far we like it. This solution is dramatically more versatile and consumer-friendly than the dedicated Autonet other manufacturers have been turning too.

Autonet is essentially a turn-key Internet solution. Install the device and pay the monthly fee for Internet in your car. But the Internet service is tied to the device that’s installed in your vehicle. It’s not like you can maximize you’re $30 per month by when you’re away from your car.

But Ford’s solution allows you to use any USB-based cellular modem, which means you can use one from your carrier of choice. Plus, when you’re not in your car, the modem can travel with you. We still have questions about compatibility and setup, but we’ll probably get a hands-on demo at CES.