GR DIGITAL III × STUSSY: Ricoh unveils limited edition point-and-shoot camera


It’s Stussy‘s 30th birthday next year, and for some strange reason the fashion company collaborated with Japanese electronics maker Ricoh to celebrate the occasion in the form of a Stussy-branded digital camera [JP]. Technically, Ricoh didn’t change anything in the GR DIGITAL III the Stussy camera is based on (and which was released in August this year), meaning the new exterior design will most likely attract hardcore Stussy fans or camera collectors only.

Spec-wise you still have a 10MP 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor, a 28 mm/F1.9 “GR” lens, 4x digital zoom, ISO sensitivity between 64 and 1,600, a 3-inch LCD display and SD/SDHC/ USB ports. Ricoh replaced the original fonts on the camera with Stussy style fonts and added royal blue as a new color on several buttons and the cap. You can see the camera in its original form below.


The Stussy camera will go on sale in Japan in February 2010 (when the fashion brand becomes 30 years old) and will cost $1,100. It’s limited to 500 units only. If you’re interested in getting one, i’d suggest you contact import/export specialists Japan Trend Shop, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya.