Unofficial PS3 ad campaign tries so, so hard


No, this isn’t an official ad campaign, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth mentioning. It was created by a Mexican ad agency, Diagonal, and shows how awesome the PS3 is. Take that, mother-in-law.

The other ad I liked—there are several—was this one, with the zombies:


I’m sitting here wondering how many graduate students have written papers, if not entire dissertations, on the role of zombies in film. Why are zombie movies so popular (relatively speaking)? Why do people feel no remorse for zombies? In video game culture, zombies are right up there with Nazis as go-to cannon fodder: who could object to shooting a zombie? A Nazi? Or a zombie Nazi?

Incidentally, I’ve come up with a clever PS3 ad campaign of my own: 29 seconds of dramatic God of War III footage (I saw the game the other day, and boy does it look good), then the PS3 logo flashed across the screen for one second. No fancy concepts, no extreme nonsense. Just let the game sell itself.

Mad Men: Technology Edition (I smell College Humor bit).