Danish telco launches preemptive strike against Spotify

tdc-music[Denmark] Danish telco TDC’s Play service, which provides unlimited music downloads for its broadband and mobile customers, has extended its offering to include unlimited streaming, reports Music Ally.

This makes Play even more comparable to Spotify, which although yet to launch in Denmark, does operate in neighboring Sweden and Norway. There are other similarities too.

Spotify clearly sees deals with ISPs and mobile broadband providers as a big part of its future. The startup already has two such arrangements in place. Swedish telco Telia has signed a two year deal to offers Spotify to its subscribers – desktop, mobile and TV – while 3 in the UK have begun bundling the service with a 24-month contract and the Android-powered HTC Hero handset.

In return, TDC have clearly taken a page from Spotify’s play book and other competing music streaming services, with TDC’s senior EVP Jesper Theill Eriksen proclaiming that “streaming is the future”. This despite the teco’s earlier move to offer unlimited downloads.

One particular feature of Play stands out as very Spotify-esque, the ability to share links to streams with friends. Unlike Spotify, however, TDC’s streaming service is browser-based and in contrast to the download version, there’s doesn’t appear to be a way to access it from a mobile phone.

Play is operated by 24-7 Entertainment, which has offices in Germany, the U.K., Spain and Denmark. The service boasts a catalogue of 6.1 million tracks from all four majors – UMG, Warner Music, Sony BMG and EMI – along with a bunch of indies labels.