Meet Nippon Institute of Technology's cool humanoid (video)


It’s another humanoid from Japan, it doesn’t have an official name yet, but it’s pretty cool: This new robot [JP] is the result of a collaboration between various Japanese companies and institutions, namely the Nippon Institute of Technology, Harada Vehicle Design [JP], ZMP and ZNUG Design. Based technically on ZMP’s Nuvo robot, it stands 1.26m tall and weighs 15kg.


He’s powered by a lithium ion battery and has 21 joints (three in his head, six in each leg and three in each arm). There’s also a camera, a gyro sensor, an accelerometer, a distance sensor, an infrared sensor and a pyroelectric sensor in his body. Pretty unusual even for such an advanced robot: He also has a fully functional video projector in his body. Needless to say, the Megaman-lookalike can “hear” and “speak”, too.


Software-wise, the humanoid is powered by Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. It can be remote-controlled by users via Wi-Fi.


The main purpose of the humanoid is to send it to schools so that children can learn about robotics through a real, finished product. But the little guy isn’t a prototype that’s limited to educational institutions: You can actually buy him for $77,000.

This video shows him in action:

Via Robot Watch [JP]