Sony Reader Daily Edition adds The New York Times, other newspapers to its back pocket


Should Santa leave a Sony Reader Daily Edition e-reader under your Christmas tree (or maybe you just like to buy fancy things on your own), you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll have a few more sources of content to choose from. Sony has agreed to deals bringing The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, and The Baltimore Sun (among others) to the device. And there was much rejoicing. Presumably.

A deal with The Wall Street Journal was announced a few days ago, too. That will run you $14.99 per month.

Basically, Sony realizes that vanilla e-book readers can only do so well. One, who reads anymore? Two, readers are weird and probably love the paper book as an end to itself (see: Devin). Three, newspaper are dying (get it?) for more sources of revenue, and hitching their wagons to the future in electronic readers may seem like a pretty swell idea.