Nook shipping update: Pre-ordered Nooks should arrive before Santa

nook21I have some good news and some bad news for those waiting for their Nooks to be delivered. The good news is I just got word from a B&N VP that if your Nook initially had a pre-Christmas delivery date, it will be there in time for Christmas morning. But this also means that you’re not going to get that $100 gift card. Sorry. But at least your significant other will be unwrapping a Nook instead of a lame IOW certificate.

Also, new orders will not ship out until February 1, 2010 so you may want to hold on to your money a bit longer. Your local B&N store might get a few in before then.

B&N’s full statement is after the jump.

“We’re happy to report that all customers who pre-ordered nooks and were given a pre-holiday estimated shipping date will be sent their nooks in time to receive them by Christmas. As you know, there’s been an overwhelmingly positive response and unprecedented demand since Barnes & Noble announced its new eBook reader on October 20th. Customer demand continues to be strong and new orders will be fulfilled beginning February 1, 2010. “