The next logical step for both bacon and popcorn is bacon-flavored popcorn

cf26_bacon_popcorn You like bacon? Who doesn’t?! Howsabout popcorn? Yes? If you find yourself short on time every day, perhaps you could combine bacon and popcorn by using BaconPop. Each bag is filled “with delicious, buttery, bacontastic popcorn,” according to ThinkGeek.

“Damn your tempations, Aamoth!” you scream. “I only eat Kosher food! I can’t eat bacon!” Well this has no actual bacon in it, just bacon flavoring. Although BaconPop NOW WITH REAL BACON CHUNKS! might be the next, next logical step for both bacon and popcorn.

Five dollars gets you three microwaveable bags and a whole lot of weird looks at work as you moan with delight inside your cubicle.

BaconPop – Bacon Flavored Popcorn []