RC model of Star Trek USS ENTERPRISE swimming underwater (video)


I’m not an RC gadget expert, but modding static model kits of space ships so that they’re water-proof and can be RC-controlled to make them then “fly underwater” seems like a very, very geeky thing to do to me. Take this 1/350 scale replica of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A space ship from Star Trek, for example.

Some person [JP] in Yokosuka, Japan, bought the static kit and transformed it into a space ship that can move and be RC-controlled underwater. The people belonging to the “underground” circle of these self-made gadgets call themselves “Aqua Modelers” and meet up on a regular basis [IT] to exchange ideas and show off their works each year. The last one apparently just took place a couple of days ago.

See the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A in action in the video below:

Another example of the aqua model craziness can be seen in this video where we see an awesome 1/350 scale replica of the Space Battleship Yamato floating around underwater:

Unfortunately, these models aren’t for sale.

Via Modellismo Hobby Media [IT]

Thanks to Francesco Fondi for the tip!