Golf Ball Launcher replaces golf clubs, skill

launcherPICT3 The most rewarding and infuriating aspect of golf is that it takes a LOT of time and patience to get good at it. As Americans, should we continue to let the challenge of golf trample upon our freedom to easily and quickly excel at the sport? NO!

Thankfully, golf’s reign of terror will come to an end once the Golf Ball Launcher is finally made available for sale at an introductory price of $795. It’s a large gun-like apparatus that uses compressed air to launch a golf ball up to 300 yards.

These guys are serious about using these things on actual golf courses, too. The FAQ section of the website suggests asking your favorite golf course if they’ll allow you to use the Golf Ball Launcher. And if they don’t?

“If they do not allow play, please respect their decision and try a different golf course. Remember, this is the birth of a new sport, so consider yourself a visionary and be patient as this sport will grow as fast as snow boarding grew.”


Unfortunately, you’ll still need a putter and it’s suggested that you bring a wedge of some type for once you get close to the green. The Golf Ball Launcher can be configured to propel a ball “upwards of 300 yards and as little as just a few feet.”

The Golf Ball Launcher [Air Force Golf via OhGizmo!]