"Rambler," another dubious but perhaps useful socket modification

The common wall socket is, despite what you may think, a very well-engineered piece of work. There’s no way to put plugs in wrong, there are no moving parts, it’s difficult to electrocute yourself, and they put through plenty of juice as well as grounding your device. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, but people seem set on fixing it anyway. The pull-out looked good, but the Node was a disaster waiting to happen.

This “Rambler” modification adds a length of extension cord to a removable wall outlet, but I’m skeptical of its compatibility with existing wiring spaces. That big spool of heavy gauge cord must take up about the space of a pop can. Also, those little clips that hold the plug in look breakable, and the spooling will probably end up uneven and weird after a few ins and outs.

Still, perhaps an industrial application is more suitable. If one doesn’t have to take children, pet rabbits, and thin walls into account, it might be a really handy addition to a workshop.

[via Dvice and Freshome]