Rumor: Canon to put a "3D" model between 5D and 1D

Before we actually discuss the rumor, let me just say that having a product called 3D is misleading when it’s not actually 3D in any way but that it exists in a three-dimensional space. Really. People these days hear “3D” and they don’t think “Hmm, like the 5D?” — no, they think “OMG Avatar!” So keep that in mind, Canon.

But as for the rumor itself, it’s actually kind of interesting. Apparently the 3D will be aimed at wedding photographers (!) and will incorporate new sensor technology to increase dynamic range and high-ISO clarity.

The specs are listed over at Canon Rumors as:

  • 16.7mp FF
  • 7.2 µm pixel pitch
  • Small magnesium alloy body similar to the 5D2

I’m not entirely convinced, but it might be cool. There’s probably room in Canon’s lineup, and a low-noise camera that isn’t full frame might be a big seller among the portrait/wedding crowd. Nikon has the high-ISO crowd wowed right now with the 3Ds, if I’m not mistaken.

If it’s going to be announced, it’ll be at Photokina in September. That leaves plenty of time for further rumor-mongering.