TSA easing off new airline rules, JetBlue brings back live TV

TSA LogoIt seems that the TSA is slowly backing down rules that were implemented after the foiled Christmas Day bombing. According to a Reuters report flight crews will now be a sort of Judge Dread enforcer. It will be up to the pilot and crew to determine if passengers need to stay seated or if they can have items in their lap. In-flight entertainment that shows the plane’s relative location will also be under their jurisdiction.

With this much power in their hands, you better be good for the sake of everyone else on board. A simple request for a glass of OJ might result in everyone having to put their heads down for the rest of the flight.

The TSA declined to comment on the Reuter’s story, but a JetBlue tweet seems to confirm it. [via Business Insider]

But Joel Johnson might be on to something here. The real solution is probably just to fire the TSA.