Happy Birthday, Linus Torvalds!

Guys! Sshhhhh! Listen. It was Linus “Linux” Torvalds birthday yesterday and we forgot to buy him a present. What we need to do is give him so more market share in the desktop OS market so here’s what we’re going to do: we’re all going to install and learn out to use Linux, even you guys back there running Windows 7. Just free up a little disk space – maybe delete a DLL? – and install something like Ubuntu or the like.

Sure you’ll have to wade through insufferable articles about getting a keyboard without a Windows key but generally I think you’ll have a blast. Also, every time you install Linux, Linus gets a Finnish penni (although that law was enacted before the Finnish introduction of the Euro so now he has a few warehouse-fulls of useless currency).

Anyway, happy birthday, Linus. Thanks for everything.