jWIN licenses Polaroid name, prepares to market

jp177So you’ve got a company without an all-that-recognizable name, and you really want to ramp it up. What do you do? Well, if you’re jWIN you buy some street cred by striking up a deal with Polaroid, making your products have a connection with a legacy of creativity and innovation that you had nothing to do with.

jWIN, producer of inexpensive electronics, just announced that they have entered into a licensing agreement with Polaroid, the film and camera titan that’s fallen onto tough times lately. Obviously, this all comes down to what’s in a name, and jWIN is hoping to leverage the Polaroid brand into the new digital world that Polaroid couldn’t find their own way in.

From the press release:

PORT WASHINGTON, NY – (December 29, 2009) – jWIN Electronics Corporation, a leading consumer electronics company that brings uniquely styled brand name quality products to consumers worldwide, announced the signing of an exclusive long-term licensing agreement with PLR IP Holdings, LLC, (PLR) owners of the Polaroid brand. jWIN acquired the exclusive rights to produce and market in numerous countries throughout the world an extensive assortment of peripherals for PC’s, console games, mobile phones, audio/video as well as telephones, certain laptop carrying cases and cleaning care accessories starting January 2010.

“Polaroid is excited to partner with jWIN, a solid company with proven product development and distribution capabilities in the US and around the world” said Scott W. Hardy, president of PLR.”

“We are proud to partner with PLR in this major licensing agreement that will enable jWIN to offer quality Polaroid-branded products by leveraging our core competence of creating award winning innovative products at competitive prices with the global awareness and built-in equity of the Polaroid brand,” says Sean Cho, director of marketing and strategic planning at jWIN. “We thrive in the consumer electronics, peripherals and accessories markets by offering consumers high quality products with innovative designs at smart prices. We look forward to bringing that same value proposition into the new line of Polaroid branded products.”

For more information on jWIN products please visit www.jwin.com and www.i-luv.com