Star Wars-inspired sneakers from Adidas actually look totally awesome

Try to remember the last time you bought shoes based on a movie or TV show. Judge Dredd boots? No. The Road raggedy bag-shoes? No… You were probably a kid and had a pair with Taz on them. I doubt you’d wear them now, and until today I thought any tie-in shoes or “inspired by” collections were worthless as fashion items. Apparently I was wrong, because Adidas is putting out some Star Wars kicks that are completely brilliant. As of this week you can actually order ’em, too.


The X-Wings and Vaders shown above are my favorites, but there are a whole bunch more at the official site. Caution: lengthy (but kind of awesome) Flash intro. You can also start pre-ordering them at the official store — not everything is available yet, though, and those Vaders cost $150.

[via Fast Company and Fubiz]