The color e-books are coming! The color e-books are coming!

paradigmMore competition is the color E-book market can only be a good thing. The Nook is just sort of in color, the Kindle is the 800 pound gorilla, and no one knows what exactly Apple’s got planned. Now there’s this new guy Paradigm Shift, talking about launching a full-color e-book reader at CES. Bet they wish they’d come to market before the holidays.

Only thing is, I’m not 100% sure this is an e-book reader. It looks more like a tablet to me – it runs Windows CE, it’s available in 5 and 7 inch screens, and has built in wifi. Windows CE has had ebook readers for years, I first got started using a HP Ipaq as an ebook reader many years ago. Now the $150 price sounds tasty, and the built in 2GB of ram will definitely do the job. I dunno. Windows CE is so quaint. I’d rather hear that they have a custom OS or are running some Linux thing then Windows CE.

MSRP will start at $150 for the 5-inch model, and expect the price to be significantly higher for the 7-inch. Retailers that want it should have the device sometime in late February.