Camcorder stuffed into ID card


“Hey guys, what’s going on? Talking about secret company stuff? Cool. Don’t mind me. Just gonna heat up these SpaghettiOs real quick. Anyone do anything illegal lately?”

For $100, now YOU can be the creepy tattle tale at your workplace. Available from BrickHouse Security, the ID Card Spy Camcorder is just 0.2 inches thick and records 2.5 hours of audio and video at 352×288 resolution. So you won’t be creating any award-winning short films with this thing but you should be able to use it as evidence in a court case.


If anyone asks you about the little camera holes in the D’s there, it’s probably best to create a diversion by spilling your SpagettiOs. Sure, you’ll be out a can of SpagettiOs but at least you’ll still have your dignity.

Spy Id Card Camera [BrickHouse Security]