CrunchGear visits top robot store Vstone in Akihabara (photo report)


We’ve covered robots from Japan-based robot developer and retail store Vstone a few times in the past. Reason enough for me (I live in Japan) to go and have a good look at Vstone’s flagship store in Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronic district, and make a few pics (the company itself is headquartered in Osaka).


The so-called VStone Robot Center is a mild disappointment though. It’s located in the heart of Akihabara, but it’s very small (probably somewhere between 80-100sqm).


There are quite a few robots, but not really as many as you’d expect from a “robot center”. And some of those robots aren’t even for sale. What you can see on the picture above is the Cam Baby, a really ugly mini robot.


What should be a dream for robot fans out there is the number of robot-related accessories. I didn’t even understand what most of the hundreds and hundreds of robot-related parts and components were good for.



Vstone also offered their very own Tetsujin 28 and Black OX robots (see picture below).


It’s not a robot paradise, but if you’re are a robot fanatic, you should check this place out. Vstone has a decent English page with a map.