January 26th Apple Event confirmed by FoxNews, focus on "Mobility Space"

FOX News logoIt seems that Clayton Morris, from FoxNews, has confirmed from a “source inside Apple” that there will be a “big” event in January 26th. This source also stated that the event will focus on the mobility space, which could actually mean a lot of different things. That is if there is if this event even is real.

Could this mean mobility as in an updated iPhone or the announcement of the iSlate/iGuide/iPad/iPod Touch DX? Or mobility could even mean new notebooks equipped with the new architecture Intel is rumored to launch next week. Or maybe there will even be a new iPod Hi-Fi. That thing was somewhat mobile.

So right now, all know for sure is we don’t know a damn thing. Until we get an invitation, let’s file this one in the rumor drawer along with the Wii HD and John Biggs making the Apple Tablet in his basement. [FoxNews via MacRumors]